Money Math

Beginning May 29th:

Summer Break

Important Dates:

Beginning May 29th - Summer Break


Money Math is  9-weeks course for our 8th grade students. Below are some of the topics/activities the class will cover:

  • General Info About Money - students will learn about the Money Factory and designing bills

  • Jobs - information on a variety of jobs; students have a job for the course of the class where they earn money, pay bills, experience random events, and keep a transaction register; students may spend their money (candy or lottery tickets) or save to be used at an auction (students use auction paddles and can bid on awesome items) at the end of the quarter 

  • Basic Money Math - various activities where students will add costs of items, figure sub-totals, tax, tip and discounts

  • Real Life - students will learn about some of Ms. Martins jobs; budgeting; read various articles related to money and life; complete problems on taxes, health insurance, life insurance and credit; and students will develop and participate in a Share Activity

  • Making the Right Money Moves - this is a booklet provided by CEFCU that will be used throughout the quarter to provide students with information about money and services that credit unions/banks provide