Money Math Bell Work

1. Tyler has a job paying $14.00 per hour. If he works 4 hours per day, how much will be earned in 1 day? How much will Tyler earn if he works 5 days per week?

2. Dakota earns $12.00 per hour. If he normally works 20 hours per week, how much is his paycheck for two weeks?

3. Mrs. Oldham’s hourly salary is $8.00 If she starts at 9:00 am, takes a 1 hour lunch break and leaves at 4 pm, how much did Mrs. Oldham make today?

4. Mrs. Oldham’s yearly salary is $30,000. How much money does she receive each month?

5. Lea’s salary per hour is $10.50. If she works 40 hours each week, how much will her paycheck be for two weeks?

6. Jason earns $75.00 per day. If he is paid by the month, and this month has 20 work days, how much will Jason’s check be this month?

7. Emily is paid $15 per hour. If she works more than 40 hours in a week, she is paid overtime pay at “Time and a half.” Last week, she worked 6 hours of overtime plus her regular 40 hours. How much was her total pay for last week?

8. Maria has a job selling shoes and works only on commission. She makes 10% on each pair of shoes she sells. How much in commissions will she make if she sells $1100.00 worth of shoes?

9. Joshua sells computers. He makes 12% commission on everything he sells. How much should Joshua be paid if his sales total is $5565.00?

10. Bailey works in the fragrance and cosmetics department at Macy’s. She earns 15% commission on all sales plus a base salary of $200. How much will her paycheck be if her sales are $600?

11. Justin sells event tickets. He has a base salary of $900 plus a 5% commission on all ticket sales. How much should Justin earn in commission if his tickets sales totaled $1000?

12. I bought a ZINGO-STAR computer game for $21.95. If the sales tax was 5%, how much was the tax? How much did I have to pay altogether?

13. The Give-a-Hoot Recycling Center pays 53 cents per pound for aluminum cans. How much will George get for 10 pounds?

14. The rate for newspapers is 2 cents per pound. How much will Carolyn get for 100 pounds of papers?

15. I purchased 10 pickled peppers for 20 cents each and sold them for 30 cents each. How much did I make?

16. Paula paid $22.40 for four packs of pickled peppers and sold them for $8 per pack. How much was her profit?

17. Lucy Long earns $20,000 a year. If she gets that much each year for 10 years, how much will she earn? 

18. If a soccer ball costs $14.48, how much is that to the nearest ten cents? To the nearest dollar?

19. A jar of pickles (32 ounces) is $2.48. What is the cost per ounce?

20. If you had $2, how many 49 cent stamps could you buy? 

21. Ferris wheel tickets are 60 cents each. A book of six tickets costs $3. How much do I save on six rides if I buy the book?

22. Tickets for the soccer game are $3.50. Eight of us went to a game. How much did it cost altogether?

23. What time should I start fixing the potatoes if they take 20 minutes to peel, 40 minutes to cook, and 15 minutes to mash? (Dinner’s at eight!)

24. Popcorn – $0.75…Hot dogs – $1.00…Large drinks – $0.80…Small drinks – $0.50…Ice cream bars – $0.90. My friend and I ate lunch at the ball game on Saturday. We each ate a hot dog, popcorn, and a small drink. How much did we spend?

25. My friend and I ate a PittsBurgers Restaurant. The bill was $12.25 and we left a 10% tip – rounded to the nearest penny how much of a tip did we leave?

26. I traveled 216 miles and used 9 gallons of gas. Calculate the miles per gallon (MPG) for my car.

27. If you have an annual salary of $48,500 what is your weekly salary? Round to the nearest dollar.

28. The simple interest formula is I = Prt where I stands for Interest, P stands for Principal (money you started with), r stands for rate (percentage) and t stands for time in years. If you deposit $500 at 9% interest for 4 years, how much interest will you earn?

29. The simple interest formula is I = Prt where I stands for Interest, P stands for Principal (money you started with), r stands for rate (percentage) and t stands for time in years. If you deposit $250 at 2% interest for 6 months, how much interest will you earn?

30. Dinner for two comes to $43.75. Tax is 8.5%. What is the amount of tax? 

31. Potato chips come in 3 different sizes. You can get a 7-1/2 oz bag for $1.39, an 11 oz bag for $1.99 or a 16 oz bag for $2.49. Which size is the best buy?

32. Dinner out for your family comes to $54.50. You’d like to leave a 20% tip. How much should you leave for your tip? How much money will you leave to cover your bill and tip?

33. On a recent shopping trip you found a coat you loved for $64 and it’s on sale for 40% off. What is your discount? What do you pay for you coat before tax?

34. Which is the better buy – 12 tickets for $15 or 20 tickets for $23. Show 2 different ways to solve.

35. Marilyn has 4 nickels. Her friend gives her 1 quarter, 3 pennies. How much money does she have now?

36. Jonathan family has $4570.00 to spend on his sister’s wedding. So far, they have already spent $2470.00. How much is left for the rest of the wedding events? 

37. Ms. Cole works in an office. She earns $87 per day. How much does she make in 30 days? 

38. Derek paid $8.25 for 5 roses. What is the cost of each rose?

39. Karly has 1 quarter and 2 pennies. She gets 3 dimes, 3 nickels, and 4 pennies from her uncle Harold. How much money does she have now?

40. Cicely’s mother gives her $5 every school day. How much money does she have by the end of the week?

41. Fiona joins 3 summer classes. One is skating, which costs $5.00. The second class is cooking that costs $10.00. She also takes arts and crafts for $6.50. How much do all her classes cost?

42. Richard pays his 4 employees $80.00 for an afternoon of work. How much does each employee receive? 

43. Stephanie received $15.25 for babysitting on Friday night and $17.75 for babysitting on Saturday night. How much did she make in total?

44. Jessica has $25.00 to spend in the video game store. She buys a used game for $15.83. How much money does she have left over?

45. Sol wants to buy a candy bar for $0.75. If he buys 4 candy bars, how much total money will he spend?

46. Rudy received $24.75 for his birthday. He wants to split the money into groups to save for three things: movie tickets; art supplies; music downloads. If he wants the same amount for each activity, how much money will he put into each group?

47. Talia is at the mall with her friends. She buys a DVD for $10.99. Then she buys a new pair of earrings for $8.25. Lastly, she gets her mother a bouquet of flowers for $9.50. If she starts with $50, how much does she have after she goes shopping?

48. Todd has $100 saved from shoveling snow and raking leaves. If 1/2 his money came from shoveling snow, how much money did he make raking leaves?

49. Spencer received $240 a month for tutoring 4th grade students. One-fourth of his earnings came from tutoring students in math. How much money did he make tutoring students in math?