Accelerated Topic 7

Analyze and Solve Linear Equations

In Topic 7 students analyze, write, and solve linear equations.

Topic Overview

Topic Opener

STEM Project

Review What You Know

Math Literacy Activity

7-1 Combine Like Terms to Solve Equations

7-2 Solve Equations with Variables on Both Sides

7-3 Solve Multi-step Equations

7-4 Equations with No Solutions or Infinitely Many Solutions

Mid-Topic Checkpoint and Performance Task

3-Act Mathematical Modeling: Powering Down

7-5 Compare Proportional Relationships

7-6 Connect Proportional Relationships and Slope

7-7 Analyze Linear Equations y = mx

7-8 Understand the y-intercept of a Line

7-9 Analyze Linear Equations y = mx + b

Topic Review

Fluency Practice Activity

Topic Assessment

Topic Performance Assessment

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