Accelerated Topic 10

Solve Problems Involving Geometry

In Topic 10 students solve problems involving scale drawings, angle relationships, circumference and area of circles, surface area, and volume.

Topic Overview

Topic Opener

STEM Project

Review What You Know

Math Literacy Activity

10-1 Solve Problems Involving Scale Drawings

10-2 Draw Geometric Figures

10-3 Draw Triangles with Given Conditions

10-4 Solve Problems Using Angle Relationships

10-5 Solve Problems Involving Circumference of a Circle

Mid-Topic checkpoint and Performance Task

10-6 Solve Problems Involving Area of a Circle

3-Act Mathematical Modeling: Whole Lotta Dough

10-7 Describe Cross Sections

10-8 Solve Problems Involving Surface Area

10-9 Solve Problems Involving Volume

Topic Review

Fluency Practice Activity

Topic Assessment

Topic Performance Assessment

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