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Daily Buzz 1-45

Daily Buzz 1: Our solar system consists of the sun and 9 planets. Only the planets Mercury and Venus have no moons. How many planets in our solar system have moons?

Answer: 7

Daily Buzz 2: You can see Count Dracula and his family in 160 horror films. Frankenstein appears in 112 horror films. How many more films scare you with Count Dracula than with Frankenstein?

Answer: 48

Daily Buzz 3: Your bed is about 6 feet long. If King Kong, who is 35 feet tall, wants to come over to spend the night at your house, how much longer will your bed have to be?

Answer: 29 ft


Daily Buzz 4: About 1/3 of the phones in American homes are in the kitchen. What fraction of the phones in American homes are found in other rooms?

Answer: 2/3

Daily Buzz 5: Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is 29,028 feet high. The first day you climb 200 ft, the second day 250 ft, the third day 300 ft, and the fourth day 275 ft. How many feet have you climbed?

Answer: 1,025 ft.

Daily Buzz 6: In football, the team with the ball has 4 downs, or tries, to make 10 yards. A player ran 2 yards the first down, 4 yards the second down, 3 yards the third down, and 2 yards the fourth down. How many yards did he run total?

Answer: 11 yds.


Daily Buzz 7: The biggest airplane ever built was nicknamed the "Spruce Goose." It was 219 feet long. If you built a model that was 7 feet long, how much longer would it have to grow to be the same length as the Spruce Goose?

Answer: 212 ft.

Daily Buzz 8: You are in a store and want to buy gum from a gumball machine. The machine only takes quarters, and you have only nickels. If you have 6 nickels, will the cashier trade you for a quarter? Will you have any money left over?

Answer: Yes. A nickel.

Daily Buzz 9: A gorilla can weigh as much as 500 pounds. If a 300-pound gorilla gains 85 pounds one year and 72 more the next year, how many more pounds must it gain to weigh 500 pounds?

Answer: 43 lbs.

Daily Buzz 10: There are 50 states in the United States. Not counting the state you live in, how many states are there? What number is in the one's place? What number is in the ten's place?

Answer: 49; 9; 4

Daily Buzz 11: Gisela and Saulo are baking cookies to raise money for their school trip. Gisela bakes 60 peanut butter cookies. Saulo bakes 54 chocolate chip cookies. How many more peanut butter cookies are there?

Answer: 6 cookies

Daily Buzz 12: During one day, 179 people tried the basketball throw at the state fair. That night, 122 more people tried to make baskets. All together, how many people tried the basketball throw?

Answer: 301


Daily Buzz 13: Oceans cover 3/4 of the Earth's surface. How much of the Earth's surface is left for people to live on?

Answer: 1/4

Daily Buzz 14: Toads have 4 toes on each front foot and 5 toes on each back foot. How many toes do you and your pet toad have all together?

Answer: 28

Daily Buzz 15: The average brain weighs about 3 pounds. About how many pounds of brains would 15 people have?

Answer: 45


Daily Buzz 16: Greedy Charlie ate 1/4 of his birthday cake for breakfast. He ate another 1/4 of the cake for lunch. How much of the cake was left at dinnertime.

Answer: 1/2

Daily Buzz 17: An adult blue whale weighs about 130 tons. Bubbles the blue whale has gained 122 tons since she was born. How much did Bubbles weigh when she was born?

Answer: 8 tons

Daily Buzz 18: Mount Everest is 29,028 feet high and Mount McKinley is 20,320 feet high. To get the best jump for hang gliding you need the higher mountain. Is Mount Everest or Mount McKinley the better choice?

Answer: Mount Everest


Daily Buzz 19: The planets with the most moons are Saturn, which has 21 moons, Jupiter, with 16, and Uranus, with 15. How many moons do these planets have all together?

Answer: 52 moons

Daily Buzz 20: You and your friend go to rent a movie. You see 10 movies that you want to rent. You can only afford to get 3 movies. How many movies are you leaving in the store for the next time?

Answer: 7 movies

Daily Buzz 21: In 1990, the leaning tower of Pisa was closed to tourists forever because it is sinking into the ground. Tourists had been able to enter the leaning tower of Pisa for 816 years. When was the tower built?

Answer: 1174


Daily Buzz 22: In 1940, a soda cost 5 cents, a hamburger costs 15 cents, and French fries were 15 cents. If you went back in time and bought all 3, how much would your lunch cost?

Answer: 35 cents

Daily Buzz 23: You are babysitting your neighbor's new baby. You watch the child for 3 hours on Friday night, 2-1/2 hours on Saturday, and 4 hours on  Sunday. For how many hours will you get paid?

Answer: 9-1/2 hrs

Daily Buzz 24: The Nile River in Africa is the longest river in the world. The Nile River is 450 miles longer than the Mississippi River. The Mississippi is 3,710 miles long. How long is the Nile?

Answer: 4160 miles


Daily Buzz 25: The owner of Tasha's favorite comic book store tells her there are 34,859 comic books in the store. Rounded to the nearest thousand, how many comics does the store have?

Answer: 35,000

Daily Buzz 26: Tonya had 42 marbles and Jeremy had 29 before they started to play. Tonya won 6 marbles from Jeremy and Jeremy won 4 marbles from Tonya. How many marbles did each end up with?

Answer: Tonya - 44; Jeremy - 27

Daily Buzz 27: At the beach, you collected seashells. The first day you found 20 shells. The second day you found 6 more than the first day, and the third day you found 3 more than the first day. How many shells did you find in all?

Answer: 69 shells

Daily Buzz 28: The distance from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois, is 1,064 kilometers. On the train from Denver you went 217 kilometers before the train's first stop. You went 724 kilometers before it stopped again. How far did the train still have to go?

Answer: 123 km

Daily Buzz 29: Joshua cooked for the Village Lunch Shop for 4 weeks. He worked 8 hours a day for 5 days each week. How many hours did he work during the 4 weeks?

Answer: 160 hrs

Daily Buzz 30: Emanuel Zacchini is a human cannonball. He has been fired 175 feet, the greatest distance ever, from a cannon. If one day Emanuel is fired only 160 feet from the cannon, is the difference from his greatest distance an even or odd number?

Answer: odd


Daily Buzz 31: Spiders can live up to 28 years, snakes can live to 40, goldfish have lived past 40, and monkeys can live to 53. Which animal lives the shortest time? Which one lives the longest? Which animals live about the same number of years?

Answer: spider; monkey; snake & goldfish

Daily Buzz 32: Christopher Columbus' crew was made up of 90 sailors on 3 ships. If 24 sailors were on the Nina and 26 were on the Pinta, how many sailors were on the Santa Maria?

Answer: 40

Daily Buzz 33: Tyrannosaurs Rex stood 22 feet tall, and Ultrasaurus, the tallest dinosaur, stood 60 feet tall. If each story on a building is 10 feet tall, what is the highest story that a Tyrannosaurus could reach? Ultrasaurus?

Answer: 2nd; 6th


Daily Buzz 34: The blizzard of 1978 dumped between 20 and 30 inches of snow on the East Coast. If you were in a blizzard and 24 inches of snow fell, how many feet of snow would you have to shovel?

Answer: 2 ft.

Daily Buzz 35: It costs $2.50 for the afternoon matinee show at the movies. You and your friend want to see a movie, and together you have $4.75. Do you have enough? If not, how much more do you need?

Answer: No; 25 cents

Daily Buzz 36: The average ostrich egg weighs between 3 and 4 pounds. What is the maximum weight you would expect 1 dozen ostrich eggs to weigh?

Answer: 48 lbs


Daily Buzz 37: Three sports were invented in the United States - baseball in 1839, basketball in 1891, and volleyball in 1895. How many years apart were baseball and volleyball invented?

Answer: 56 yrs

Daily Buzz 38: Thomas Edison is the inventor of the light bulb, the telephone, and the record player. He made 1,300 inventions. Which number is in the ten's place? Hundred's place? Thousand's place?

Answer: 0; 3; 1

Daily Buzz 39: Halley's Comet passes close enough to the Earth to be seen every 76 years. Halley's Comet was last seen in 1986. When should you start looking for it?

Answer: 2062


Daily Buzz 40: You use 15 muscles when you smile and over 200 muscles when you walk. If you smile and walk at the same time, about how many muscles will you use?

Answer: 215

Daily Buzz 41: You need 2 pounds of cherries to make cherry smoothies. Your bowl weighs 1/2 pound. If you put the bowl on the scale and start adding cherries, at what weight should you stop so that you have 2 pounds of cherries?

Answer: 2-1/2 lbs

Daily Buzz 42: The first coast-to-coast airplane flight from New York to California took 49 days because the pilot made so many stops. After traveling for a week, what fraction of the trip did the pilot have yet to complete?

Answer: 6/7


Daily Buzz 43: You and your friends are going on a day trip to the zoo. The train ride to the zoo takes 20 minutes. You plan to spend 2 hours at the zoo. The train ride home takes 40 minutes. How many hours will you and your friends be gone?

Answer: 3 hrs

Daily Buzz 44: In 1530, the Spanish conquered the Inca Empire, but they could not find the famous city of Machu Picchu. An American professor found Machu Picchu 381 years later. In what year was Machu Picchu found?

Answer: 1911

Daily Buzz 45: Soon after the first moonwalk more than 80,000 people made reservations on an airline offering future trips to the moon. If a round-trip ticket to the moon cost $550, how much would it cost a family of 4 to buy tickets?

Answer: $2,200

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