Bell Work

Daily Buzz 136-171

Daily Buzz 136: The planet Neptune was discovered when it was seen through a telescope in 1846. What year will be the 200th anniversary of Neptune's discovery?

Answer: 2046

Daily Buzz 137: The giant panda eats almost nothing but bamboo. A panda can eat 60 pounds of bamboo a day. How many pounds of bamboo could the panda eat in a week?

Answer: 420 lbs

Daily Buzz 138: James can ride 6 miles per hour on his new 10-speed bike. He plans to ride over to his Grandma's house, which is 12 miles away. How long should it take him?

Answer: 2 hrs

Daily Buzz 139: "Charlemagne" means Charles the Great. Charlemagne ruled almost all of Europe. He was born in 742. In 800, he became Emperor of the new Holy Roman Empire. How old was Charles when he became Emperor?

Answer: 58 yrs old

Daily Buzz 140: You are exploring the Amazon River. Are the following things likely or not likely to happen? You will see large snakes. You will find a live dinosaur. You will be able to ice skate on the river.

Answer: Likely; Not likely; Not likely

Daily Buzz 141: Boris Becker was 17 years old in 1985, when he became the youngest man to win the men's singles championship at Wimbledon. In what year was Boris Becker born?

Answer: 1968

Daily Buzz 142: The distance from Atlanta, Georgia to Disney World in Orlando, Florida is 200 miles. If a car travels at 50 miles per hour, how long will it take to reach Disney World?

Answer: 4 hours

Daily Buzz 143: At age 2-1/2, you had 20 baby teeth, which fell out and were replaced by permanent teeth. you will also get 12 more permanent teeth. How many permanent teeth will you have all together?

Answer: 32

Daily Buzz 144: The recipe for raisin oatmeal cookies includes 1/2 teaspoon of salt. If you want to make cookies that have half the salt, how much will you use?

Answer: 1/4 tsp

Daily Buzz 145: The Earth is 24,856 miles measured around the Equator, and 24,843 miles measured around the poles. If you wanted to go around the world, which way would be shorter? By how many miles?

Answer: Poles; by 13 miles

Daily Buzz 146: At breakfast, Sharon drank 1/8 liter of orange juice, Brad drank 1/8 liter, and Jamie drank 3/8 liter. How much orange juice did they drink all together?

Answer: 5/8 L

Daily Buzz 147: Sea cucumbers are sea worms that look like cucumbers. Cut one into pieces, and each piece can grow into a new worm. If you cut 6 sea cucumbers into 6 pieces each, how many would you have?

Answer: 36

Daily Buzz 148: Your heart beats about 90 times a minute, while a baby's heart beats about 140 times a minute. How many times faster does the baby's heart beat than your heart?

Answer: 1-1/2 times

Daily Buzz 149: A flea can jump 13 inches in a leap. How many leaps would it take the flea to jump across a room 6 feet wide?

Answer: 5-1/2 leaps

Daily Buzz 150: You take your new puppy to dog obedience school. There will be a total of 10 dogs in the class. Four are grown-up dogs and 6 are puppies. Besides your puppy, how many other puppies will there be?

Answer: 5

Daily Buzz 151: Fingernails grow at a rate of about 1/10 of an inch a month. About how many inches will your fingernails grow in 10 months?

Answer: About 1 inch

Daily Buzz 152: Joey's Mom had an orange ready for him when he arrived home after school. It was cut into 4 pieces. Joey brought 2 friends home with him. If his Mom cut an orange for each of his friends as well, how many pieces of orange were on the table?

Answer: 12

Daily Buzz 153: There are billions of stars, but you are only able to see 5,780 without a telescope. Rounded to the nearest hundred, how many stars can you see without a telescope?

Answer: 5,800

Daily Buzz 154: A cheetah can run 70 miles per hour, a lion 50 miles per hour, an elephant 25 miles per hour, and a greyhound 39 miles per hour. How much faster does a cheetah run than a lion? Than an elephant? Than a greyhound?

Answer: 20; 45; 31

Daily Buzz 155: The distance from Houston to Dallas is 380 kilometers. On a car trip, you drive for 2-1/2 hours and cover 1/2 of the distance. How many kilometers are left before you arrive in Dallas? How long does the whole trip take?

Answer: 190 km; 5 hrs

Daily Buzz 156: The Vikings were people who lived in northern Europe during the Middle Ages. The Viking Age started in 800 and lasted 300 years. When did the Viking Age end?

Answer: 1100

Daily Buzz 157: The manager of a restaurant is arranging a wedding party. There are 82 families coming with an average of 4 people in each family. About how many people should the manager expect at the party?

Answer: 328 people

Daily Buzz 158: A lobster has 10 legs, a spider has 8 legs, and an insect has 6 legs. How many of you would it take to have the same number of legs as 10 lobsters? 10 spiders? 10 insects?

Answer: 50; 40; 30

Daily Buzz 159: A store sells two brands of hot chocolate. Brand A sells at 3 pounds for $3.00 and Brand B at 5 pounds for $4.00. How much does each brand cost per pound? Which is the better buy?

Answer: A - $1.00; B - $0.80; Brand B

Daily Buzz 160: A human heart beats on average 70 beats per minute. How many more times will your heart beat in 5 minutes than in 3 minutes?

Answer: 140 more beats

Daily Buzz 161: A box contains 3 orange cubes, 2 white cubes, 3 black cubes and 4 blue cubes. Would you be more likely to pick a white or a blue cube?

Answer: Blue cube

Daily Buzz 162: Katy the Skating Clown falls down on purpose once every 5 minutes during her act in the Ice Parade. If she is on stage for an hour, how many times will she fall down?

Answer: 12 times

Daily Buzz 163: When Viking I landed on the surface of Mars in 1976, it missed "Big Joe," a large boulder, by 9 meters. 1 meter equals 100 centimeters. By how many centimeters did Viking I miss "Big Joe"?

Answer: 900 cm

Daily Buzz 164: You won first place in the Science Fair and were awarded $500 that you will get in 5 equal parts. You have already gotten 3 parts. How much money do you still have coming?

Answer: $200

Daily Buzz 165: The longest ride at King's Island in Ohio is the Beast, which lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If you get in line at 12:00 PM and wait five minutes to ride, about what time will you get off the ride?

Answer: 12:07 and 30 seconds

Daily Buzz 166: The bakery opens at 8:30 AM. The baker needs 2 hours and 25 minutes to bake breads, rolls, and other treats for the customers. At what time should the baker start baking?

Answer: 6:05 AM

Daily Buzz 167: An elepant seal eats about 440 pounds of fish a day. If an elephant seal's favorite fish cost 9 cents a pound, how much will it cost to feed the seal for 1 day? For 1 week?

Answer: $39.60 and $277.20

Daily Buzz 168: Imagine that you are a white-throated swift, one of the fastest birds, able to fly at around 200 miles per hour. On the highway, your dad can drive 50 miles an hour. In 4 hours how far will you fly? How far will your father drive?

Answer: 800 miles and 200 miles

Daily Buzz 169: You are buying turkey slices for your sandwiches that cost $1.15, and you have a coupon for 50 cents off. What will the turkey slices cost you?

Answer: 65 cents

Daily Buzz 170: To get into orbit around Earth, a rocket has to travel at 5 miles per second. To escape Earth's gravity, the rocket must travel at 7 miles per second. How much faster per second does the rocket have to travel to escape Earth's gravity?

Answer: 2 miles per second faster

Daily Buzz 171: Today there are over 3,479,840 miles of highway in the United States. Round the number of highway miles to the nearest ten thousand. What is the rounded number?

Answer: 3,480,000 miles