Daily Buzz 46-90

Daily Buzz 46: The heaviest turtle ever weighed was 752 kilograms and lived mainly on jellyfish. Round the turtle's weight to the nearest hundred kilograms.

Answer: 800 kg

Daily Buzz 47: You are at an apple-bobbing contest. There are only 10 apples left in the tub; 8 are red and 2 are green. If you close your eyes and bob for an apple, what color apple are you less likely to get?

Answer: Green

Daily Buzz 48: The first car that was mass-produced was the Model-T Ford in 1908. If you were born in 1867, how old would you have been when the Model-T Ford came out?

Answer: 41 yrs old


Daily Buzz 49: Frank Samuelson and George Harbo took turns rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in 55 days, traveling about 3,000 miles. If on one of George's turns, he rowed from 6:00 AM to 8:22 PM, for how long did he row?

Answer: 14 hrs, 22 min

Daily Buzz 50: Yehudi Menuhin was one of the world's greatest violinists at the age of 11. Yehudi practiced the violin for 2-1/2 hours in the morning and for 2-1/2 hours after school. How many hours a day did Yehudi practice?

Answer: 5 hours

Daily Buzz 51: You are at a movie, and you want to buy a soda and popcorn. You have $4.00 to spend. If soda is $1.00 and popcorn is $1.75, how much will you spend? Will you have change from $4.00? If so, how much?

Answer: $2.75, yes, $1.25

Daily Buzz 52: George Ferris built the first Ferris Wheel in 1893. His Ferris Wheel had 36 cars, which could each carry 60 people. If all the cars were full, how many people were riding the Ferris Wheel?

Answer: 2,160

Daily Buzz 53: Joseph Kittinger jumped out of a balloon 19 miles up in the sky. He opened his parachute 3 miles above the ground. How many miles did Kittinger fall before he opened his parachute?

Answer: 16 miles

Daily Buzz 54: The longest encyclopedia ever written was 11,095 volumes long. Chinese scholars worked for 5 years writing all those volumes. They started writing in 1403. When did they finish?

Answer: 1408

Daily Buzz 55: A regular dozen is 12, a baker's dozen is 13. If you buy 2 dozen bagels and a baker's dozen bran muffins, how many bagels and muffins will you have all together?

Answer: 37

Daily Buzz 56: You are on an island with a mountain that is 500 feet high. Your map shows a cave with pirate treasure 40 feet from the top. How high will you have to climb to find the treasure.

Answer: 460 ft.

Daily Buzz 57: The Earth's year equals the 365 days it takes the Earth to orbit the sun. It takes Mercury 88 days to orbit the sun. How many more days does the Earth have in its year than Mercury?

Answer: 277 days

Daily Buzz 58: Maria, David, and Teresha were awarded $1,500 for finding a lost cat. If they must split the award equally, how much should each person get?

Answer: $500 each

Daily Buzz 59: The first people to make tools lived in Africa one million eight hundred thousand years ago. Use numerals to write out when people first started making tools.

Answer: 1,800,000

Daily Buzz 60: The Sequoia tree is one of the largest and oldest living trees in the world. A Sequoia tree can reach the height of 350 feet. If a 203 foot Sequoia grows 135 feet, how tall will it be?

Answer: 338 ft.

Daily Buzz 61: A  man named Pat Havener could pack 90 cans of sardines in 10 minutes. How many cans could Pat pack in an hour? How many could he pack in 2 hours?

Answer: 540; 1080

Daily Buzz 62: A limbo dancer from Nassau, Bahamas, passed under a bar just 6 inches from the floor. If the bar started out 3 feet from the floor, how much lower was the bar when the dancer passed under it?

Answer: 30 inches

Daily Buzz 63: 1/3 of all potatoes grown in the United States are used to make french fries. If a fast food restaurant sells medium fries for $0.79, how many quarters will you need to buy 2 orders of medium fries?

Answer: 7 quarters

Daily Buzz 64: Alicia wants to buy a Valentine's Day card for 4 of her friends. Two of the cards cost $1.25 and 2 cost $1.50. How much money will Alicia need to buy all 4 cards?

Answer: $5.50

Daily Buzz 65: Astronomers first discovered a moon of the planet Uranus in 1787. The last moon was discovered in 1986. How many years passed between the discovery of the first and last moons?

Answer: 199 yrs

Daily Buzz 66: There are 16 ounces in 1 pound. An adult human heart weighs 10 ounces. How many more ounces would it take to weigh a pound?

Answer: 6 ounces

Daily Buzz 67: Only 1/8 of an iceberg is visible above the surface of the water. How much of an iceberg would you be able to see if you went down to the bottom of the ocean in a submarine?

Answer: 7/8 of the iceberg

Daily Buzz 68: The Inca civilization was one of the most advanced early empires. King Pachacuti and his son expanded the Inca Empire for 55 years until 1493. When did the two kings begin this expansion of the Inca Empire?

Answer: 1438

Daily Buzz 69: Michael is shopping for a birthday card for his friend. Michael has $5.00. He finds the perfect card, which costs $1.25, and buys a stamp, which costs 29 cents. How much change will Michael get back?

Answer: $3.46

Daily Buzz 70: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich has about 240 calories, an apple has 60 calories, and a can of diet soda has about 2 calories. How many calories do they have all together?

Answer: 302 calories

Daily Buzz 71: Your scout troop needs $90 for a camping trip in the mountains. There are 9 people in your troop. How much money does each member have to earn so that the troop can go on the trip?

Answer: $10 each

Daily Buzz 72: A gorilla needs 14 hours of sleep each night, while you need about 8 hours. If you go to bed at 10PM, what time should Bananas, your gorilla friend, go to bed to wake up when you do?

Answer: 4PM

Daily Buzz 73: You and your family move to the moon, but because of the extreme heat and cold, your home has to be built underground. If you started in 1994 and finished in 2005, how many years did it take you to build your home?

Answer: 11 yrs

Daily Buzz 74: You have 29 bones in your head and 177 bones in  the rest of your body. How many bones do you have all together?

Answer: 206 bones

Daily Buzz 75: The crust of the Earth is 25 miles thick under land and only 4 miles thick under parts of the ocean. About how many times thicker is the Earth's crust under land than under water?

Answer: About 6 times

Daily Buzz 76: The time in London, England is 5 hours ahead of New York. If you live in New York and want to call the Queen of England at 9AM her time, at what time in New York would you call?

Answer: 4AM

Daily Buzz 77: When you grow up, you become an airplane pilot. In a typical week, on Monday you fly 1,200 miles, on Tuesday you fly 3,205 miles and on Wednesday you fly 950 miles. How far do you fly in 3 days?

Answer: 5,355 miles

Daily Buzz 78: A lizard called the Tuatara has been around since the times of the dinosaurs, more than 200 million years. Dinosaurs died out 64 million years ago. How long did the Tuatara live with the dinosaurs?

Answer: 136 million years

Daily Buzz 79: At the beach, you find a seashell that weighs 25.6 ounces. How many pounds does the seashell weigh? Use a calculator to find the answer.

Answer: 1.6 lbs

Daily Buzz 80: Mud worms have been around for over six hundred million years. Write out the number of years mud worms have been around. How many zeros did you use?

Answer: 600,000,000; 8 zeros

Daily Buzz 81: Tony and Yoshi want to make a really big sandwich. If they stack 2 inches of bread, 4 inches of bologna, 1 inch of lettuce, and 4 inches of cheese, how tall will their sandwich be?

Answer: 11 inches

Daily Buzz 82: A hippopotamus can eat 6 bushels of grass in one day. The zoo feeds the hippos 3 times a day. If each hippo gets 1/3 of its food at each meal, how many bushels will it get for dinner?

Answer: 2 bushels

Daily Buzz 83: The Great Fountain Geyser in Yellowstone Park can shoot water up to 200 feet high. If a building story is 10 feet high, how many stories high does the water go?

Answer: 20

Daily Buzz 84: Flying fish don't really fly; they glide, using their wing-like fins. They can glide for 300 feet. If a flying fish has gone 100 feet of a 300-foot glide, what fraction of its glide has it completed.

Answer: 1/3

Daily Buzz 85: Maria has 4 Christmas presents to wrap. Maria needs a piece of paper that is 10 inches long to wrap each present she has bought. How long must the piece of paper be to wrap all 4 presents?

Answer: 40 inches

Daily Buzz 86: Chris walked to the bus stop and counted 18 worms on the sidewalk. On the way home, he counted 16 worms. How many worms did Chris see all together?

Answer: 34 worms

Daily Buzz 87: The first woman in space was a Russian, Valentina Tereshkova. She circled the Earth 48 times in 70 hours and 50 minutes. Round the time that it took Valentina to circle the Earth 48 times to the nearest hour. Is the answer an even or an odd number?

Answer: 71 hrs; odd

Daily Buzz 88: Dogs have several puppies at one time. If a dog has 6 brown puppies and 2 spotted puppies, what is the probability you will pick up a spotted puppy if you take one out of the box without looking?

Answer: 1/4 or 25%

Daily Buzz 89: To make silk fabric, the thread made by the silkworm to spin its cocoon must be unwound. As much as 1,000 feet may be unwound from 1 cocoon. If you unwound the thread from 2-1/2 cocoons, how many feet of thread would you have?

Answer: 2,500 ft

Daily Buzz 90: You and your family are going out to eat at your favorite restaurant, and you know that it takes 20 minutes to get there. When should you leave if you have a reservation for 6:30PM?

Answer: 6:10PM

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