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Daily Buzz 91-135

Daily Buzz 91: Caitlin and Andrea want a jumprope 6 feet long. Together they measure the rope and find that it is 14 feet long. How much rope will be left after they have cut off a 6 foot piece?

Answer: 8 ft

Daily Buzz 92: The ancient Greeks believed that their gods lived on Mount Olympus. If Apollo, the son of Zeus, lived on a peak 7,895 feet high and Zeus lived on a peak 1,675 feet higher, how high was Zeus' home?

Answer: 9,570 ft

Daily Buzz 93: Bamboo can grow 3 feet in a single day. If a bamboo tree grows 3 feet every day for 5 days, how many feet will it grow? What if it grows at this rate for 6 days?

Answer: 15 ft; 18 ft

Daily Buzz 94: Polar bears live only in the cold Arctic region near the North Pole. Imagine you are on a trip to the South Pole. What is the probability that you will see a polar bear?

Answer: 0

Daily Buzz 95: A famous magician puts a red feather, a blue feather, and a white feather in a hat. You pull one of the feathers from the hat. What is the probability that it will be the red feather?

Answer: 1/3

Daily Buzz 96: William Franks swung an Indian Club (which looks like a bowling pin) 17,280 times in an hour. Assume he could keep going. How many times could he swing the club in 2 hours?

Answer: 34,560

Daily Buzz 97: Copernicus proved that the planets revolve around the sun. He wrote a book about this fact in 1530, which was published 13 years later. When was the book published?

Answer: 1543

Daily Buzz 98: Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, ate 3 chocolate-covered garlic balls every day. If she bought 20 chocolate-covered garlic balls for the week, would she have enough?

Answer: No - she would need 1 more

Daily Buzz 99: Stephanie and Josh are in the finals for their school's track meet. Stephanie jumps 9 feet and 5 inches. Josh jumps 1 foot and 2 inches less than Stephanie. How far does Josh jump?

Answer: 8 feet, 3 inches

Daily Buzz 100: Babies can have 270 to 300 bones, while adults have 208. As babies grow up, their bones grow together. If a baby has 280 bones, how many will join other bones to make 208?

Answer: 72

Daily Buzz 101: The Great Pyramid of Egypt was built of huge blocks of stone, each stone weighing 2-1/2 tons. One ton is equal to 2,000 pounds. How many pounds did each stone of the Great Pyramid weigh?

Answer: 5,000 lbs

Daily Buzz 102: Drexel is planning his birthday party and wants to decorate the room with balloons. He picks out red balloons that cost 9 cents each. How many balloons can Drexel buy with 45 cents?

Answer: 5

Daily Buzz 103: the deepest point in the ocean is 11,033 meters. If a submariine has gone down 5,978 meters, how much farther does it have to go down to reach the bottom?

Answer: 5,055 ft

Daily Buzz 104: Sandy Allen holds the record for the tallest woman in the world. Sandy is 7 feet 7 inches tall. At the age of 10, Sandy was 6 feet 3 inches tall. How many inches did she grow?

Answer: 16 inches

Daily Buzz 105: An adult can sweat off 1/3 of a gallon of water in 24 hours. How many hours would it take to sweat a whole gallon of water?

Answer: 72 hours

Daily Buzz 106: Your neighbor's cat just had 8 little kittens. Your neighbor says she will sell the kittens to good homes for $5.00 each. If she sells all the kittens, how much money will she make?

Answer: $40.00

Daily Buzz 107: When it is 11AM in Los Angeles, California, it is midnight (12AM) in Bombay, India. If you live in L.A. and want to call your friend in Bombay at 2PM her time, when in L.A. time should you call her?

Answer: 1AM

Daily Buzz 108: Soon-Li is helping cut up carrot sticks for a party. She can make 6 sticks from each carrot. If Soon-Li has 6 carrots, how many carrot sticks will she make?

Answer: 36

Daily Buzz 109: The blast from the Tambora volcano in 1815 lowered the height of the 13,450 foot volcano by 4,100 feet. What was the height of Mount Tambora after the blast?

Answer: 9,350 ft

Daily Buzz 110: Penicillin, an important medicine, was discovered in 1928. It was first given to a human patient 13 years later. What year was penicillin first given to a human patient?

Answer: 1941

Daily Buzz 111: The volcanoes in Hawaii are so high that they often get snow on top. Mauna Loa is the highest volcano. Rebecca climbed the first 6,700 feet, and then put on her snow suit to climb the last 6,977 feet. How high is Mauna Loa?

Answer: 13,677

Daily Buzz 112: You plan to take your submarine to the deepest part of the ocean to see fish that glow in the dark. The ocean is 10 miles deep and your submarine sinks 1 mile every hour. How long will it take you to reach the bottom?

Answer: 10 hrs

Daily Buzz 113: Marisa is going for a ride on the space shuttle, and she wants to take an equal number of pictures of Venus, Mars, Pluto and Saturn. She has 20 pictures left in her camera. How many pictures should she take of each planet?

Answer: 5 pictures

Daily Buzz 114: An adult killer whale can weigh as much as 4 tons. One ton equals 2,000 pounds. How many pounds do the heaviest killer whales weigh?

Answer: 8,000 lbs

Daily Buzz 115: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a series of 5 terraces with gardens built in 562 BC. You want to climb to the fifth terrace. Each terrace is 50 feet above the terrace below. How high will you climb?

Answer: 250 ft

Daily Buzz 116: Nadeen is making his favoriate cookies, oatmeal raisin. In 3 hours his Mom will need the kitchen to make dinner. Each batch of cookies takes 15 minutes to bake. Can he bake 8 batches before his Mom needs the kitchen?

Answer: Yes.

Daily Buzz 117: Mikhail Gorbachev, a former Russian leader, won the Nobel Prize for peace in 1990. He won $985,000. How much more money would have to be added to the prize to make it 1 million dollars?

Answer: $15,000

Daily Buzz 118: Some people believe that the Loch Ness Monster lives in Loch (Lake) Ness in Scotland. Loch Ness is 700 feet deep. For your research, you'll dive down halfway and then start taking pictures. At what depth will you start taking pictures?

Answer: 350 ft

Daily Buzz 119: Terrell has 6 little turtles in his terrarium. If he buys a lettuce with 30 leaves, how many leaves will each turtle get to eat?

Answer: 5 leaves

Daily Buzz 120: People discovered how to use fire about seven hundred fifty thousand years ago. Use numerals to write how many years ago people first learned about fire. Which number is in the ten thousand's place?

Answer: 750,000; 5

Daily Buzz 121: On Jupiter, things weigh almost 3 times as much as on Earth. On Mars, things weigh about 1/2 what they weigh here. If a person weighs 160 pounds on Earth, how much would that person weigh on Jupiter? On Mars?

Answer: 480; 80

Daily Buzz 122: The Earl of Bridgewater used to dine with a dozen dogs. How many dog bowls would you have to buy if you had 3 times as many dogs as the Earl of Bridgewater?

Answer: 36

Daily Buzz 123: Sir Isaac Newton, a British astronomer, discovered gravity. If Newton was still alive in the year 2000, he would be 358 years old. When was he born?

Answer: 1642

Daily Buzz 124: You lose about 50 hairs a day. Estimate how many hairs you will lose in a week.

Answer: 350 hairs

Daily Buzz 125: A farmer in Washington has 100 apple trees. If he were to plant 75 more, how many would he have? Would he have an even or odd number of apple trees?

Answer: 175; odd

Daily Buzz 126: You want to take a trip to the moon, but your best friend just wants to go to the movies. You decide to flip a coin and see where you will go. What is the probability that you are going to the moon?

Answer: 1/2

Daily Buzz 127: Julius Caesar added 80 days to the year 46BC because the seasons were happening in the wrong months. there were 445 days in 46BC. Round the number of days to the nearest hundred and write the number that comes before and after your answer.

Answer: 400; 399 and 401

Daily Buzz 128: Blinking causes your eyes to be closed for half an hour each day. How much time in a week are your eyes closed because of blinking?

Answer: 3-1/2 hrs

Daily Buzz 129: Willie the Killer Whale is swimming in the ocean when he sees a school of fish. Willie notices that the school has 7 rows of fish with 5 fish in each row. How many fish are there all together?

Answer: 35 fish

Daily Buzz 130: Water boils when heated to 100 degrees Celsius. If you put a thermometer in hot water and it reads 79 degrees Celsius, how many more degrees will the water temperature have to rise before the water boils?

Answer: 21 degrees

Daily Buzz 131: In 1934, Walter Nilsson crossed the United States on a unicycle. It took Walter Nilsson 117 days to travel from New York to San Francisco. How many days in 1934 was he not riding his unicycle?

Answer: 248 days

Daily Buzz 132: At one time there were only 15,000 bald eagles. Then people began protecting them, and now there are about 37,000. How many more bald eagles are there now?

Answer: 22,000

Daily Buzz 133: Protoceratops, a dinosaur that looked like Triceratops without horns, laid eggs about the size of large potatoes. If a Protoceratops laid 15 eggs a year for 3 years, how many babies might hatch?

Answer: 45

Daily Buzz 134: Thomas Morris skipped rope 22,806 times in 2 hours. Round the number of times Tom Morris skipped rope to the nearest thousand. What is the rounded number?

Answer: 23,000

Daily Buzz 135: While in Japan, you climb Mount Fujiyama, an extinct volcano that is 12,460 feet high. Estimate to the nearest thousand how high you climbed.

Answer: 12,000 ft

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